Robert A. Goddard, III, Vice President/Investments, AIF®, CFP®

Michelle Taylor, Registered Client Service Associate

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It is my mission to work with my clients to uncover and potentially grow, protect and preserve that wealth, and distribute their wealth in the most tax advantageous way possible during their lifetime and upon their passing.

I pursue this endeavor by working with my clients' accountants, attorneys, and other various advisors to plan for the whole picture. This allows me to provide a higher level of service and financial oversight for my clients.

This affords my clients the opportunity to take care of themselves and their families.


How I Work With My Clients

I run a client-centered practice specializing in business owners, CPAs, and other professionals who want to grow their wealth in a manner that is consistent with their own goals, comfort levels, and time horizons without taking unnecessary risks in the marketplace.

I employ a consultative approach to financial management utilizing risk analysis, asset allocation, and institutional money management. I create detailed investment plans, tailored to the specific financial goals of my clients.


My Process

Because every client is different, my process begins with you.

Everything I do is with your best interest in mind.

1. I get to know your financial situation while also examining the potenital impact of the financial markets.
2. I perform a risk analysis to determine your comfort level with risk.
3. I create an asset allocation with the appropriate investment programs.
4. I populate that allocation with the appropriate investment programs.
5. I utilize institutional money managers to pick the individual investments.
6. I frequently monitor your accounts and provide regular follow-ups.
7. Most of my clients pay an annual fee instead of commissions.

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I strive to be my clients' trusted financial advisor and help them protect and potentially grow their wealth in a manner that is consistent with their goals, time horizon, and comfort level with risk. I strive to understand each client's individual needs and to assist them in pursuing their long-term goals.  I am the client's advocate.  Everything I do is with their best interest in mind.


  • A Relationship-Driven Practice:  I establish ongoing relationships with my clients that grow and change as my clients' needs evolve.

  • Advice: By placing the focus on advice and not transactions, my clients know their advisor is focused on helping them protect and potentially grow their wealth.  I examine every aspect of their financial life allowing meo advise clients on a broad spectrum of financial issues appropriate to their specific circumstances.

  • Frequent Communication:  I stay in touch with my clients and are involved in their financial  lives.  I strive to return phone calls and e-mails the same business day and keep my clients informed of relevant events in the market.

  • My Investment Philosophy: I articulate my investment philosophy to my clients.  Not only do they know what I believe in, but also they understand why.

  • Opening Review: After opening an account, I sit down with my client and review the account. At that time, I also go over your Stifel statement line-by-line.

  • Portfolio Reviews:  I meet with clients in a timeline that addresses the needs of the client. I also review any changes in their financial outlook.

  • Seminars:  I host regularly scheduled seminars for my clients and their guest on a variety of topics.  Some of these include identity theft, retirement and college planning, women and investing, and other topics of interest.

  • Educator and Confidant: I work to educate, increasing the client's knowledge of the markets and keeping them informed.  I believe my clients are comfortable in the knowledge that they can discuss any financial situatimn.

  • Articles:  I provide articles for Money Matters, a column in the “Valdosta Magazine.”